Vjuice Deep Freeze 100ml 80/20

Vjuice Deep Freeze 100ml 80/20

Vjuice Deep Freeze 100ml 80/20

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Deep Freeze Cloud Chasing e-Liquid – If you like cold hit menthol, then freeze your taste buds to sub-zero levels with Deep Freeze. This yeti from the snowy poles is cold, even Antarctic. Fresh and clear this mint sensation will keep you salivating for more. Expertly crafted completely in the UK with high VG and low nicotine to produce bigger and better vape clouds and extra vJuice flavour.

Our 100ml bottles of 0% nicotine are supplied nicotine shot ready, meaning there is room in the bottle for a 10ml 18mg nicotine shot to be added to reach 3mg nicotine total.


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